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  We  build complete custom rifles & custom firearm enhancements.

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Building Custom Rifles used by Champions

Precision Rifle has provided specialized custom rifles and gunsmith services for the civilian shooter, hunter, law enforcement agencies and their SRT units since 1984. All of our custom rifles and related components receive only the highest level of attention to detail. We achieve the highest level of accuracy demanded from our customers by keeping all work, except metal bluing and dipped camo patterns, done in house by bench trained Toolmakers/Master Machinist and Gunsmiths.

Custom Rifle Borden Blue  

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Above is the Borden on Blue custom rifle built by PR&T. This custom rifle features our F-T/R "Low Boy Stock" in amazingly blue laminate, a Borden BR action and BRUX barrel.

We  build complete custom rifles &

custom firearm enhancements.

Our customers' custom rifles, whether a manual bolt, semi-auto, or full-auto, are highly specialized and usually have multiple enhancements performed to them. All custom rifles and weapon enhancements are tested for feed and function prior to delivery. All custom rifles intended for Long Range Competitions and Law Enforcement Sniper Units, furnished with optics, are tested and zeroed to insure sub MOA performance before they are delivered. Our company prides itself in providing some of the industry's highest quality custom rifles and customer service.

We back all of our work with a guarantee that the services you contracted with us will perform as intended or it will be corrected. If you are a Law Enforcement agency, High Power, Palma, Bench rest, F-class or any other type competitive shooter or long range hunter, and if you want excellent professional customer service, high quality work, done in a timely manner, then Precision Rifle and Tool, LLC can fill your request.

Ray Bowman, Manager

Walnut Stock on a Custom Rifle

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PR&T shop recently completed this custom rifle. It is built upon our Micro Low Boy stock in English Walnut with a high gloss finish. It has a 6 mm BRUX barrel with 6 double Helix spiral fluting to match the bolt fluting.

Congratulations Donna!

Congratulations to our Bench Rest Star of the Year. Mrs. Donna Matthews. She just started shooting Bench Rest in Spring 2014 using our Custom Rifles on our Hammer Head, Low Boy stocks and BRUX barrels. She and her husband David are dedicated shooters. We are proud to have them aboard.

Donna Matthews Benchrest Woman of the Year

Congratulations 2014 National Champions!

Congratulations to Jim Crofts (Rt.) for winning the F-T/R portion of the 2014 NRA F Class Nationals In Phoenix and to Rhys Ireland (Junior) winner in F-open. This is the 2nd time both guys have won the Nationals. Both were shooting rifles b...uilt by Precision Rifle & Tool with our Low Boy stocks. Jim used a Borden Action and BRUX Barrel. Rhys used a Barnard Action and a .284 BRUX Barrel. We appreciate your skills and dedication to this sport..

Jim Crofts and Rhys Ireland win 2014 F-Class National Championships


All custom rifles come assembled & test fired. With the correct ammunition, maintenance, and shooter's skill, our custom rifles will deliver day in and day out SUB-MOA groups. Hand loaded ammunition may be required to achieve the best accuracy. This is usually true for most rifles.

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Jim Crofts'  F-T/R custom rifle built by Precision Rifle & Tool, LLC on a Savage Model 12 action. PRT designs F-T/R stocks for custom rifles and hand laminated the walnut to create this beauty. A 30″” CHAIN LINK FLUTED” BRUX Barrel chambered in .308 completes this custom champion rifle.


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Charles Ballard's World Record F-Open .284 and NRA Championship Custom Rifle

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Our dangerous game hunting rifle
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Extra Fancy English Walnut stocked rifle in .404 Jeffery, built from original 1920's right handed Jeffery patterns. We then reversed engineered this one to a left handed rifle for the customer.

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     Jim Crofts wins 2014 Sinclair Fullbore East Coast Nationals with a custom rifle built by Ray Bowman    Jim Crofts wins 2014 Sinclair Fullbore East Coast Nationals with a custom rifle built by Ray Bowman



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