Using a donor rifle or custom action provided by the customer, either as a right or left handed, long or short receiver including the correct fitting trigger guard. If necessary we will square & true your factory receiver, bolt lugs and lug seats, bolt face and nose.  Custom action do not require this to be done

  • Ground recoil lug and pin to your receiver if required
  • Custom cut rifled, lapped, 30” match grade barrel contoured in heavy palma,, light varmint or heavy palma. Barrel fluting may be required if using a heavy barrel to make legal weight.
  • Our custom F-class open laminated wood “Low Boy Rifle Stock” in any of the laminated colors we stock. snap on/off thumbwheel adjustable cheek rest, 4 way butt plate. Freeland handrail. For Long Range High Power our prone stock is a good choice…
  • Sprayed with multiple coat of clear coat in polished high gloss or satin finish
  • Stress free pillar bedded with up to 3 metal pillars then fully glassed with Devcon
  • Jewell trigger with bolt stop (if needed) and the pull weight set to customer the specified needs
  • F-T/R Rifle cannot exceed 18.18 lb with all attachment on them

NC Residents add 6.75% sales tax

Price includes shipping container and shipping cost of rifle without insurance to lower 48 states.

Options Available (at additional cost)

 * 32” plus barrels* Cera-Coat or Robar Coating * Scopes * Scope Rings * Scope Bases * Fluting of barrel and Bolt Body* Bolt Knob Extention

* Hard shell or soft cases * Bipods * Levels Locs * Slings*Custom Scope Mounts*

No Sales outside the USA

Call for more information or to order


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Long range highpower rifle

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