“Hi Ray,

I was planning on e-mailing you this week to let you know that I used the awesome rifle you built me to win the TN State F-Class Long-Range Championship this past weekend. This is the second year in a row for me. The conditions were pretty tricky, but I ended up with a 964-20x. My .284 Win. edged out a 7mm RSAUM by only 3 points so I was the overall match winner as well. We had about 20 people in F-Open and 20 people in F-T/R. Steve Wells was 3rd overall with the .284 barreled action you put together for him. Next up is the Oak Ridge regionals (5/14-5/15).

I am attaching a couple of photos of the rifle in action and the overall match results. I think you will note that you had a part in all of the Top 3 F-Open rifles. Danny Biggs shot (and won) the F-T/R division. Needless to say, I am very pleased with everything you put together for me. I always speak highly of you whenever anyone asks who built my rifle for me.” -Jim Sokolowski

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