Hi Ray,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the Remington 700 you did for me recently. I finally got a chance to shoot it this past weekend and I am amazed by the quality. I have never owned or even shot a rifle that was this accurate before, I attached a couple pics for you. I can’t believe that a rifle can shoot such great groups within the first 5 rounds ever fired through it. Thanks Ray, I will see you soon, my son’s rifles will be coming to you for some work after Christmas. Happy shooting.” -Ron Shaffer


Ron Shaffer


“First and foremost, Precision Rifle & Tool’s customer service is unmatched. Their machine work is held to the tightest tolerances. Combine that with the best engineered stocks on the market and you have the finest long range rifles available; backed by the best warranty in the industry. You too will be 100% satisfied.” –Charles Ballard


Charles Ballard’s Accomplishments with Our Rifles
  • Won 2010 Midwest Palma Championship (F-Open Div.)
  • Won 2009 NRA United States F-Class Open National Champtionship
  • Won 2009 Spirit of America Full Bore National Championship (F-Open Div.)
  • Won 2008 NRA United States F-Class National Championship
  • June 2008 Set World Record: F-Class Open 20 Shot 1000 Yards 200-13x
  • Won 2008 NRA Long Range Regional Championship (F-Open Div.)
  • Won 2008 North Carolina F-Class State Championship
  • Oct 2008 Set National Record: F-Class National Championship Grand Aggregate Score 1337-65x
  • Aug 2007 Set National Record: F-Class Open 15 Shot 1000 Yards 148-4x
  • Aug 2007 Set National Record: F-Class Open 15 Shot 600 Yards 149-7x
Charles Ballard

A.E. (Ted) May