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F-open rifle in a yellow-black

September 14th 2015

The week starts with a F-open rifle in a yellow/black laminated Low Boy Rifle Stock, a customer supplied custom action and barrel. We chambered this beauty in a 6.5/284. It will be taking a ride to Texas on Big Brown later this week.

Our New Website

We wanted to show off our products as well as express the pride we take in our dedication to quality and craftsmanship of custom rifles. Please enjoy our new website and send any comments using the contact us located on the contact us page.

Hall of Fame Rifle Champions

We added the Hall of Fame Rifle Champions page be sure to check it out

Ordering Precision Rifles from PR&T

If you have ordered from us before you know we are all about getting it right for you the first time. Each and every rifle we build is custom, no two are exactly alike. With that in mind, lead times vary based on our current orders. Call and ask and we will give you the most accurate information and we’ll make every effort to improve lead times so you can get out there with your new Precision Rifle.

If you are a new customer be sure to see the quick guide to selecting components and building custom rifles.

Low Boy® Stocks from Precision Rifle & Tool

Ray Bowman of Precision Rifle & Tool LLC (PR&T) has a new stock design, the Low Boy® Benchrest that combines the successful features of PR&T’s F-Class stock with a rear end better suited to shooting from the bench..

As you may know, PR&T’s F-Class stock, in the hands of Charles Ballard and others, has been hugely successful in F-Class competition.