In North Carolina NC, Precision Rifle & Tool specializes in custom rifle gunsmithing for hunters, tactical shooters and competition shooters of any custom or stock rifle and hand gun including Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Remington. We install and work with many premium brands such as Brux Barrels, Kriegher, Kick-eze recoil pads, Jewell triggers an more… Our NC gunsmith shop is comprised of the latest technology tooling and our gunsmiths have decades of gunsmithing experience in fixing, tuning, modifying or customizing your rifle, pistol, gun or precision shooting tool. Precision Rifle & Tool’s gunsmithing is  available to install, fine tune, and customize any barrel, stock, trigger, hand-grip, or bolt-action mechanism required or needed for performance and precision operational, tactical shooters needs for shooting a custom hand-built rifle or hand gun. These customizations are only available with precision and precise skilled gunsmithing. Our gunsmithing services include the options for many different needs for your custom long range rifle or pistol. Threading, chamber work, headspace pre-threaded and chambered barrel work as well as new and aftermarket bolt action triggers for Remington – Winchester. Gunsmithing In North Carolina – NC and in the surrounding areas South Carolina, SC, Virginia, VA, Tennessee TN and most of the south eastern United States. Our gunsmithing service is a convenient one day ship. In the Piedmont, Triad and central NC we are an easy drive to our gunsmithing shop to drop-off and pick up your custom gun, precision rifle, hunting rifle or custom long range tactical rifle. Our shop also specializes in custom hand build precision, tactical and long range rifles with custom rifle stocks in a wide selection of colors, finishes and materials such as wood veneer. We can customize your tactical rifle with popular brand parts from Brux Barrels, Kriegher, Kick-eze recoil pads, Jewell triggers just to name a few. See our website  for details on our available stocks and packages to see a partial reamer list for gunsmitihing see this link: for gunsmithing pricing for many of our available gunsmithing services see this page for details: We are proud of our success in creating custom long range tactical precision rifles and we have assisted many champions forge their way to the winners circle. See our customers achievements by visiting our website and click on the link for Hall of Fame or follow this link to see a listing of champions using Precision Rifle & Tool custom long range and tactical rifles many of which we provided custom gunsmithing to meet our customer’s needs.

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